Monday, May 07, 2012

I Won! I Won!

I won! I won! I won the Sunday Sketch and Stamp Challenge #104 - Donna's Sketch! I cannot believe it as this is my first time won in a challenge! I am so excited and did not expect that I can won.

My winning card, Congratulations to Your Newborn!
My winning card is my "Congratulations to Your Newborn!" card I made for my brother and sister-in-law to cherish their newborn son which is my nephew, Kendryck. I made the card on 02 May 2012 and hand the card and a small gift (set of baby clothes) when I visit my sister-in-law and my nephew on the next day. 

The challenge ended on 05 May 2012. I did not check if I won until 07 May 2012. I like to click on all the links first and then only go back to the first link and click to refresh or go to 'home'. When I go back to the first link which is Sunday Sketch and Stamp Challenge blog, I am so surprise that I saw my card! I cannot believe it and start to read. Indeed, I am the winner! I quickly tell my husband that I win! I am so happy and excited!

I really cannot believe that I won that I read again what it wrote! It is a random selection by I just be the lucky one as my entry number got selected. If the owner or the design team of Sunday Sketch and Stamp Challenge are to evaluate each of the entry cards, I bet mine will not be the winning card as other participants' cards are way better and beautiful than mine! However, I am really glad that I won and I will take this winning as my motivation to make more cards and try to enter more challenges.

After confirming that I really won, I wrote to Sunday Sketch and Stamp Challenge as instructed in the announcement post in order to claim my prize.

I guess my nephew really bring me some luck as this card is made for his daddy and mummy in celebration of him coming/joining the family! Thanks again to Sunday Sketch and Stamp Challenge and Sassy Studio Design's for the prize!

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