Friday, January 06, 2012

Investing on Embossing Heat Tool

I plan to invest on an embossing heal tool since I got my bonus recently. Well, it is a way to reward myself with some goodies on the bonus I get. :)

Initially, I plan to purchase online and been hopping from one online store to another online store to get the best deal. However, I found out that I cannot purchase online or from USA due to the voltage differences. Those sellers have the below warning messages after their item description. 

Sample Warning Message #1
Important information for international customers:
This tool requires the use of 120 Volts AC electricity only. Using a higher voltage will damage the tool. If you live in an area that does not provide 120 Volts AC (such as 220 to 240 Volts AC only), then you must use a voltage transformer that will convert your power supply down to 120 Volts. The converter must be rated to handle at least 500 watts (most small traveler's plug in converters won't be able to handle this tool). The plug on this tool is designed for a type A electrical outlet. Depending on where you're located, you might also need an adapter for the plug. If you are unsure about your country's power supply, the rating of your voltage transformer, or what type of electrical outlet you may have, contact us and we will assist you.

Sample Warning Message #2
WARNING! International customers in areas where the voltage is higher than 120 Volts please note: Attempting to plug this unit to a voltage higher than 120 Volts will damage the tool. The tool is designed for use in outlets providing 120 Volts. If your power source is higher than 120 Volts (such as 220 to 240 Volts), you must have a transformer that converts the electricity down to 120 Volts before plugging in the unit.

After confirming with my husband, indeed Malaysia voltage is difference from USA voltage. Thus, I cannot purchase online. My husband also concern on the item usability which he meant what if the item cannot be used (not voltage issue) once I received it (means spoiled). He advises me not to take the risk while concern on the voltage issue.

My husband even jokes that he can actually get me a hardware heat gun which can be easily found in Pudu's Jalan Pasar with much cheaper price. He inquires on the original watt used and compare if I can substitute it with the hardware heat gun or a hair dryer that looks like embossing heat tool. I keeps on asking if the watt or the heat produced by these tools same as the original embossing heat tool as I afraid my paper will get burned if the watt is too high or the watt is too low to melt the embossing powder. Finally, he gave up and ask me to buy the original embossing heat tool from the local craft store.

I surveyed the price at the Craft Haven at 1 Utama. They have only one brand, Johnson Power Tool which cost RM118. I showed my husband on the watt used as well. He asks me to buy since he is not 100% confirm if those hardware heat guns sold in Pudu's Jalan Pasar can be use by me. I did not buy that time because I am merely surveying the price. 

Johnson Power Tool embossing heat tool
Then, today, I called to Scrapbook Memories at Tropicana City Mall to survey the price. They have two (2) brands which are Johnson Power Tool and Marvy Uchida but the price are expensive compare to Craft Haven even after the member's discount. I also call Art Friend at The Gardens  Mid Valley to survey but the prices also expensive compare to Craft Haven. Thus, I settled to buy the Johnson Power Tool embossing heat tool from Craft Haven.

The next thing I need to buy is VersaMark watermark ink as well as some embossing powder to start this embossing technique.


Ann Lee said...

I learned this simple lesson about voltage difference the hard way. :) Broke my brand spankin' new MS heat tool cause I thought that EU traveller plug would do the trick but..*sigh* Wished I read this entry of yours earlier..LOL! What happened with you purchased heat tool?would love to know as I'm looking for a replacement. Have a great day!

Aarti Wong said...

Thank you so much for this post. I am planning to get a heat tool as well and I did not consider the voltage differences, but now I will. Thank you.

Aarti Wong said...

Thank you for this post. I am planning to get one as well but didn't consider the voltage differences haha.... thank you!!

lee shin yee said...

great post! thanks! :)

Grace Natalia said...

Wow this post really helps! I almost proceed to buy online without considering the voltage differences. Thank you :)

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