Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My First Lawn Fawn Stamp!

I ordered from Lawn Fawn store directly in early September 2011 for Lawn Fawn Hats Off to You and Lawn Fawn basic blocks since Debbie from Crafty Heart could not source for me Lawn Fawn basic blocks.

Lawn Fawn basic blocks
Top : 1" x 7" ruler-top block
Left to right : 2" x 4" plain block, 1 1/4" plain square block and 2 1/2" round, grip-block with guidelines 
I particularly likes Lawn Fawn basic blocks as it has one block of 2 1/2" round, grip-block with guidelines that Kelly Marie Alvarez, owner of Lawn Fawn used to use in her video. I find it very useful and easy to grip and has guidelines for guidance. Other than that, the package also contain one 1″ × 7″ ruler-top block which I know is useful for long sentiment or images like border (although I do not have any border stamp yet). Another blocks which I need most sometimes is this 2″ × 4″ plain block that can fit any big images. Currently I only have or been using Hero Arts CL074 Poly Clear Block 3" x 3" Square which sometimes do not fit some large images. The last block I like most is this tiny 1 1/4" plain square block which useful to hold any small tiny images and not to mention its easiness to handle compare to the 3" x 3" block I been having.

However, Lawn Fawn put up an announcement in their store that their shipment will be temporary suspended from 30 August 2011 till 06 September 2011. I guess it is due to the hurricane that the postal services in US has been affected. I waited for few days for Lawn Fawn shipping confirmation and finally they replied on the 07 September 2011 that my parcel has been shipped. 

Well, after about seven (7) days of waiting, finally the parcel arrived to my doorstep today! Actually I did not expect it to arrive this fast and it surprised me when my husband called me to inform that I have parcel!

Two (2) of the strings tied to the Lawn Fawn Hats Off to You clear stamp package 
I must says that it is a pleasure to buy from Lawn Fawn direct as they are so kind that they included some embellishments of strings (as per above photo) for me. I am not sure if these strings are part of the previous Lawn Trimmings as they no longer sell. Anyhow, these two (2) strings do make my day when I receive the parcel!

"Not-on-sale" edition of Lawn Fawn Thank You
That is not all they include for me! They also included a small clear stamp of "thank you" which attached together with Kelly Marie Alvarez's name card where at the back of the card, there is a hand written thank you message from her husband, Mike! They are so brilliant to keep first time customers like myself coming back to buy from them again with simply giving away a small clear stamp. The small clear stamp of "thank you" not only meant that they thank me for purchasing from them but also can be used to make some thank you cards. It is really killing two birds with one stone and I salute them for a brilliant marketing and rapport strategy!

Lawn Fawn Hats Off to You
Actually this Lawn Fawn Hats Off to You should be my second Lawn Fawn stamp collection as earlier I already ordered from Crafty Heart for Lawn Fawn Critters in the Sea. However, the shipment has not arrive yet which my own purchase from Lawn Fawn direct has taken over making Lawn Fawn Hats Off to You my first Lawn Fawn stamp collection instead of Lawn Fawn Critters in the Sea.

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