Thursday, August 04, 2011

My Very First Copic Markers!

I wrote to Imagination International, Inc (, distributor of copic markers in USA and Canada in March 2011 to ask if they have any distributors in Malaysia. I did not put very high hope that they will reply my e-mail as most of the time I wrote to the general e-mail to ask for something, it ended up no reply from them.

Well, this time is a surprise for me as they did reply my e-mail. Guess what? The person who reply my e-mail is the General Manager - International Operations of Too Marker Products Inc, manufacturer in Japan! What a honorable surprise! He informs that there is distributor in Malaysia. I am so happy to know that and google about.

The distributor is actually a Singapore based company selling all kind of art supplies. There are a numbers of stores and branches in Singapore as well as other countries including Malaysia, Vietnam and China. Without wasting time, I quickly called to the store to check on the pricing of Copic markers.

Well, another great surprise for me as the price is incredibly cheap compare to the pricing I get from Crafty Heart online store or any online shops. I really cannot believe at first when the person tell me the price. I guess this is because this distributor is getting their Copic markers direct from Too Marker Products Inc, manufacturer in Japan (the Copic markers that I bought written that it is "Made in Japan") which saved a bunch on freight and custom charges. That means more saving for me! However, there is a drawn back to the cheap price as they do not sell retail. The price they mention is meant for wholesale which means I need to get some quantities before I qualified for the mention cheap price. But during that time, my budget is limited and I did not go to the store to browse. 

Until today. The first impression when I walk into the shop is that it is very packed with all kind of craft and art supplies. I do not know where to start but my eyes spotted a rack of Copic markers! When I scan through the price, it is what I been told earlier! *Big smile on my face* But the price is meant for wholesale as mentioned before. :(

Copic Ciao 12 pieces basic set
After discussing with the staff on the qualification to get the cheap price and how to become their wholesale customer, I ended up buying a set of Copic Ciao 12 pieces basic set as I need to fork out some huge money (real huge) to become their wholesale customer. I did not choose to purchase Copic Sketch because of the pricing. Copic Ciao is cheaper compare to Copic Sketch and both of the quality is the same. Since I saved a bit on buying Copic Ciao, I decided to buy additional colors from Copic Ciao as well. I chosen B05, BG93, E53, Y17 and YR02. I also choose C6 from Copic Sketch as Copic Ciao do not have this color.
From top to bottom : Copic Sketch C6, Copic Ciao B05, BG93, E53, Y17 and YR02

Well, all I could says is that I am very happy now as I have my Cuttlebug and Copic markers. The next thing I need to do is to save up money and keep on collecting (purchasing) embossing folder and dies, more Copic colors and more stamps!

Not to mention that I am now selling Copic markers online for Malaysia Copic markers fans as well! 

Note :
Pre-order for Copic markers are now open. Please refer here on how to order! Thanks!


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