Friday, July 09, 2010

Bridal Shower Card #1 (Sample)

Bridal Shower card #1 - Pocket envelope with inserted card
This bridal shower card is themed color of pink. Thus most of the materials used are based on various hues and shades of pink.

Bridal Shower card #1 - Pocket envelope with pull out card
This is another pocket inspiration card whereby the 'pocket envelope' is handmade and decorated on the outside and has an opening on the top to insert the actual message card.

Close-up : Message on the upper portion of the card
A patterned white card is used to stamp the message of "It's a Shower for the Bride" on the upper portion of the card in red ink. Then, gold punched angels are decorated along side the message on the right and left. A bead ribbon is attached to the white card after the message.

Close-up : Picture on the lower portion of the card
On the lower portion of the message (after the bead ribbon), a picture of a bride is attached to the left bottom of the white card. Two hearts in different shades of pink which are matted on top of each other are placed on the right upper corner (below the bead ribbon). The white card is then rounded at four (4) corners before matted on top of the light pink 'pocket envelope'.

Close-up : Pull out card with ribbon
The pull out card is using patterned shimmering pink card as background matted with patterned white card for freestyle messages writing and signature. Both of the cards has been rounded at the corners. The patterned white card is cornered with an angel on the left lower corner while attached with a pink heart at the right upper corner.
Close-up : Decorative angel corner on left lower corner
Close-up : Decorative heart on right upper corner

Close-up : "Recipe for a Happy Marriage"
On the other side of the pink card, printed using the same patterned white card as the other side, it is printed with "Recipe for a Happy Marriage" as below
Recipe For A Happy Marriage Poem

4 cups of Love
2 cups of Loyalty
Dash of Faith
3 cups of Kindness
4 cups of Understanding
1 cup of Friendship
5 spoonfuls of Hope
1 barrel of Laughter
Pinch of Forgiveness (no substitutions)
Dash of Thoughtfulness (not optional)

1. Take love and loyalty and mix thoroughly with faith.
2. Blend in kindness and understanding, add friendship and hope.
3. Sprinkle abundantly with laughter. Garnish with forgiveness and thoughtfulness.
4. Bake with sunshine.
5. Serve daily with generous helpings.

Close-up : Decorative angel corner on the right lower corner
Close-up : Decorative heart at the right upper corner
At the right lower corner, it is cornered with an angel while attached with a pink heart at the right upper corner. In the middle of the recipe, a cling heart design is punched.
Close-up : Punched cling hearts

A hole is punched on top of the pull out card and pink strip patterned ribbon is tied to make it easier to pull out from the 'pocket envelope'.

Theme : Bridal Wishes
Title : It's a Shower for the Bride
Pocket Envelope Size : 8.89cm x 20.83cm or 3.5" x 8.2"
Pull Out Card Size : 7.62cm x 19.56cm or 3" x 7.7"

If you would like to have a similar design of this card, please e-mail us at for order. Please do include the color or theme you prefer, purpose of the card (farewell, retirement, birthday and etc) and message (if any).

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