Saturday, October 17, 2009

Farewell Message/Scrapbook #2 (Sample)

Another farewell message/scrapbook made for some farewell messages writing.

The front and back covers are using 8"x8" Zutter Bind It All Chipboard Covers (craft or brown color). The background of the covers are themed with soft purple and flowers. The front cover is scrapped with a centered blank medium shaded purple card. On top of the card, it is pop-up message of "Keep In Touch" in three (3) different 'banner'. The "Keep In Touch" 'banners' are layered with a dark purple-pink mesh followed by a thick string or rope. The four (4) points of the centered blank purple card is layered with the purple-pink mesh to give the card 'plastered' texture or style.

Inside the front cover upper portion, there is message of "Best Wishes". While at the inside back cover bottom portion, there is a message of "From Us". The combination gave a message of "Best Wishes From Us". These message 'banners' are again layered with the purple-pink mesh as a standardization or connection to the whole theme.

There are ten pages in total with nine pages dedicated for message writing whereby each pages have either rectangular or square 'pockets' of different sizes and opening with a pulled message cards of various colors, shapes, designs and sizes. These rectangular or square 'pockets' are placed with different style of placement to accommodate each of the shapes and sizes in that particular page. Due to limited space, some 'pockets' are placed at the additional page, which is the back page of the initial front page. These 'pockets' are made from various design gift wrappers.

Each of the pulled message cards are attached with various styles, colors, length of strings or ropes and method of tying to make it easier to pull the message card(s) out from the pocket(s).

The tenth page is a page with a yellow self-made envelope to hold the CD with some self-made video messages. It is secured with a red ribbon. The back cover ends  with scrapper signature.

The covers and pages is secured  using 1" Gold Zutter Bind It All Owire Bindings.

Theme/Category : Keep in Touch
Size : 20.32cm x 20.32cm or 8" x 8" 

If you would like to have a similar design of this message/scrapbook, please e-mail us at for order. Please do include the color or theme you prefer, purpose of the message/scrapbook (farewell, retirement, birthday and etc) and front page message.

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